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UWU is the first original anime beverage to focus on quality and community. In addition, UWU is not just a drink, but an entire immersive universe with unique characters and stories. We are already working on an anime and hope to develop our own game based on it in the future.
We’re glad you noticed. We use laser-printed aluminium cans. This makes our cans even higher quality and more sustainable than other conventional products. Our UWU cans are 100% recyclable and BPA & plastic free.
From the ingredients to the filled can, everything is made in Germany. It was important to us to source as much as possible locally.
This is the start of an unforgettable journey. We will have around 130,000 – 140,000 cans at launch. The Founders Edition will NOT be reproduced. First come, first served.
Yes, on 20th Nov. 2023 you will be able to order mixed trays which contains 4 cans of each flavor.
Current status: no. Our recipe is 100% natural, vegan and gluten free. We do not use artificial ingredients/sweeteners. To ensure the UWU-tastic taste it will stay that way.
We ship to all EU countries and selected countries within Europe. Expansion to USA & Asia is planned for the future.
Our partner Happyshops GmbH takes care of the shipping. The shipping costs are calculated from weight & place of residence, among other things.
We have set a limit where you cannot place more than 4 trays per order. We hope that this will give more people the chance to purchase the UWU cans.
As a German company, we are subject to the mandatory can deposit. You will get the 25 cents per can back when you recycle/redeem it in German supermarkets.
Once payment has been received, delivery is expected to take 3-7 working days. Shipping outside from Germany can take longer!
That depends on you. The more people who love and support our drinks, the faster we can expand.
The best way to contact us is via our contact page.

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